Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE

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Facing a looming F&B product launch and we wanted to do promotional video for over social media use, therefore we opted for an animated video.

Animation Promotional Video

The video animation was created in 2 working days our video animation production team is quite experienced with this type of work, getting the colors and style correctly was the hard part. All in all the animation worked out pretty well with good social interaction and results.

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Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE Animation Video Production for Food & Beverage Marketing

About Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE Promotional Video.

Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE is an Animation Video Production made for Food & Beverage Bagetto

Bagetto is a Japanese food & beverage brand in Abu Dhabi their tag line is: Providing crunchiness baguette to achieve customer satisfaction with our quality products.

We were facing a looming product launch and we wanted to do a quick and fun promotional video to use over social media, therefore we opted for an animated video.

F&B product marketing is one of our specialties, moreover, Bagetto is a Japanese brand a market we are quite familiar with, a lot of our UAE customers don’t know that we do video production in other parts of the world check our video production in Japan here and in Germany Here.

Making a video animation for food services from Japan to UAE market is tricky, you have to capture the subtle Japanese influence on food and presented in a way that makes sense for the Abu Dhabi market specifically.

Most F&B video productions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are flashy, fast, and expensive, a direction our video strategy team wanted to avoid to capture the brand origins.

Why Bagetto Chose Doleep Studios for Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE Animation Video Production?

Doleep Studios is a Video production company Offering Film production, corporate video production, promotional videos to name a few, of our services, it is rated by businesses as the best video production company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, 

We were chosen to create the Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE, Animation Video Production because of our Vast experience in Animation Video Production in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, usually this kind of project require extensive knowledge of F&B Marketing, Animation Video Production, , and Promotional Video.

Our Animation Video Production Team technical knowledge was utilized working closely with producers and writers, embellishing, refining and ultimately realizing original ideas into finished films. 

Special Thanks

Doleep Studios would like to thank  Bagetto team, Your support and efforts for the Bagetto Japanese Spirit in UAE Animation Video Production certainly contributed to our success

More About Bagetto

For more information about Bagetto visit Bagetto web site

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