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Documentary Film Production at Abu Dhabi about Cloud seeding operations and research in UAE made for the UAE Government - National Center of Meteorology ​

About The Cloud Seeding Story of life Film

The documentary film follows the UAE government pioneering effort in the field of cloud seeding research and operations.

The documentary story starts from the beginning of times and shows how water shaped important events in our history as a species leading to our modern civilization.

Freshwater is essential for life and the connection between water and climate is obvious and the film explores this relationship and its effect on humanity and in particular the people of the UAE.
UAE arid climate makes it an extreme example of the importance of water.

His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan the founder of UAE recognized this in his scheme to build modern prospers UAE, so in the 80’s he made history when he started cloud seeding operations and made UAE the first nation in the region to utilize cloud seeding technology in a quest for the economic and scientific development of the UAE.

Cloud seeding aims to increase precipitation that falls from clouds by dispersing salt particles into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei, there is an animation that explains the process in the film.

His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is considered the scientific father of cloud seeding.

Under his patronage, the cloud seeding research and operations expanded greatly in the pursuit of a greener and prosper UAE.

UAEREP scientific grant started by His Highness Sheikh Mansour is a prime example of UAE relentless pursuit of scientific development in the field of the cloud seeding.
The cloud seeding film production follows a cloud seeding operation from start to rain as they say here and it shows very interesting details about the process and how it is done by the National Center of Meteorology team.

Cloud Seeding Story of life | Documentary Film Production | Abu Dhabi

The Cloud Seeding Story of life Film Production Details

The film was the first 3D Government film production UAE, the 3D technology was used to illustrate the cloud seeding operations and put the audience as close as possible to the natural events that are associated with cloud seeding.

This  Film Production was all over UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, and Sharjah.

That particular Film Production was very challenging from a technical point of view, filming plans, remote radars, natural phenomena in extreme weathers.

Filming in the UAE’s summer outdoors, 50 degrees was the norm.

This was the ideal conditions for cloud seeding sadly were mostly in remote areas in UAE mainly mountains and deserts and of course to make our life easier in the peak of the summer, the hotter it gets, the more cloud form in the mountains and more chances for the NCM team to seed the cloud.

Why National Center of Meteorology Chose Doleep Studios for this Documentary Film Production?

Doleep Studios is a Video production company Offering Film production, corporate video production, promotional videos to name a few, it is rated by businesses as the best video production company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, 

We were chosen to create the Cloud Seeding Story of life, Documentary Film Production because of our Vast experience in Documentary Film Production in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is the kind of project that requires extensive knowledge of Research, Film Production, Video Production, and 3D Animation.

Our Documentary Film Production Team technical knowledge was utilized working closely with producers and writers, embellishing, refining and ultimately realizing original ideas into finished films. 

They made careful preparations in order to ensure the success of each shooting day. 

Preparing a carefully calculated shooting schedule with the production team, which achieves the required footage within budget and on time.

Awards and Recognitions

The Cloud Seeding Story of life Documentary Film Won of the special jury award at Abu Dhabi environmental film festival in recognition of Doleep Studios Film Production extraordinary effort in creating this film

Video and Film Production Scope of work​


Location scouting
Production schedule


Film Production
Video Production
Aerial Filming
Sound Recording and Mixing
3D Film Production
Filming Crew
Locations Management
Filming permits in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Green Screen Video Production


Video Editing
Visual Effects
Color Correction
Special Effects
Video & Film Sound Effects
2D Animation
3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Video & Film soundtrack

More Information

For more information about Cloud seeding operations and research in UAE visit National Center of Meteorology web site

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