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The Future of Fitness

Promotional Video

Fitness Promotional Video

The Future of Fitness

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Promotional Video for Body Time EMS

Future of fitness with Body Time EMS

Fitness Promotional Video created by Doleep Studios for Body Time to announce the EMS technology a revolutionary way to specializing in muscle electrostimulation.

The future of the fitness industry is set to continue on an innovative path, where gradual and immediate needs are swiftly met with modern solutions. While the past two years have proved challenging, those in health and fitness have learned valuable lessons. 

Welcome to the newest EMS technology by Body Time for faster weight loss, where you can train your whole body in just 20 minutes and achieve amazing results. Every EMS workout delivers a full-body workout, proving itself not only time-saving, but highly efficient. Improve your figure, provide your body the energy it needs, and enjoy better health!

Body Time EMS Fitness offer clients the opportunity to work towards their fitness goals with the use of EMS technology. EMS stands for “Electrical Muscle Stimulation”, and is intended to exercise all muscle groups simultaneously to reduce the time required for a conventional workout. Training sessions can be customized to each individual’s needs, with options for body toning, weight management and post-pregnancy fitness available, as well as for those suffering from back pain.

Body Time meets individual goals because people‘s physical fitness is improved differently. Training periods are shortened, and success is maximized: fat and weight are reduced, and on the other hand, your joints are protected while you build up muscles, your strength and endurance are enhanced, your shape and problem zones become firmer and your general well-being is improved.

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