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Sales Funnel Video Marketing Process

1- Define Success

1- Define Success

Defining your video objectives will provide our team a clear direction and criteria to measure the success of our project.

2- Audience & Market Research

2- Audience & Market Research

Combining your existing marketing data with our own insights is essential to understand your audience & market needs and wants.

3- Develop Idea & Story

3- Develop Idea & Story

Using a blend of creativity and insight, we develop a creative concept & script for your video incorporating your message and story. We also help you visualize the finished piece through a storyboard.

4- Film, Animate & Edit

4- Film, Animate & Edit

The production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your video brought to life.

5- Measure Success

5- Measure Success

With unlimited video revisions, your perfect video is ready, we will report on its success based on your original objectives.

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Martina Boor
Martina Boor
Al Shira'aa Stables
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Excellent service, we had a last-minute project that Doleep studios worked on for us and delivered a quality product on short notice!

Al Shira'aa Stables
Tarek Barada
Tarek Barada
Reed Exhibitions
Read More
A pleasure working with them! excellent account management and a very unique style of video production! Highly recommend

Reed Exhibitions - The International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience
Shafa Construction
Shafa Construction
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We highly recommend Doleep Studios for your creative needs. Doleep team created a wonderful company profile video for Shafa. The team was very professional and dedicated to bringing the story of Shafa to the screen. Doleep provided sincere attention to detail and ensured the creative vision was fulfilled.

Shafa Construction
Samer Moussa
Samer Moussa
CEO, Brands & Beyond
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“On behalf of Brands and beyond team, I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for your outstanding service, we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides.”

Brands & Beyond
 Maria Andimon
Maria Andimon
Marketing Manager
Read More
Thank you for our new Creative Corporate Video, the process was quick and straightforward, we not only happy with the video and the video production, Doleep team offered us new ways to use our video online, we have reached many of our customers with our new video through social media and google

Medicare Natural Practice
Nadeen Fadi
Nadeen Fadi
Marketing PepsiCo, Inc GCC
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Doleep Studios is one of the best companies in UAE for film making and content marketing!

PepsiCo, Inc
Anna Hamilton
Anna Hamilton@ahamilton1
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One of the best content creators/media production companies in the Middle East , amazing team!

Hamilton Consulting UAE
Body Design
Body Design
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(Video Review)

The value of what you get! exceed what you have paid for by a long way, Rare to find in UAE!

Body Design Fitness Club

Sales Funnel Video Marketing: a Service that Skyrockets your Sales
Now available in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Video is proven to be the most persuasive mode of communication. But, even the most beautifully crafted video will remain ineffective if not made relevant to your customers at every stage of their journey. This is where our sales funnel video marketing comes into play!

Do you feel that your video marketing campaign is not doing as well as it should be?

Your customers go on a journey from being introduced to your services, to making a purchasing decision. This journey is known as sales funnel.

Sales funnel is the path your prospects take to buy your product or service. Some people never leave the top of the funnel, while others move all the way to the end.
Your sales funnel exists whether you’re aware of it or not. However, if you can successfully navigate your audience through the different stages of the funnel, you’ll witness a massive increase in your sales.

Wyzowl’s annual marketing survey found that video marketing usage increased among brands to 87% in 2019 vs 63% in 2017.  Yet many marketers make the mistake of using video only at the top stage of the funnel failing to address prospects at a different point in their customer journey.  

Our sales funnel video marketing campaigns, are especially designed to meet the requirement of every stage of your sales funnel. Consequently, having a huge impact on the behavior of your customers, hence, leading them to the very end of the funnel, where they buy your product or service. 

Sales Funnel Video Marketing by Doleep Studios, is a targeted video package widely used in marketing and sales. It interacts with the customer at each stage of the funnel with a relevant video message, taking the prospect from brand awareness to purchase

Video marketing for your entire sales funnel that increases sales and effectively engages thousands of sales leads

This is the different stages of the customer journey, featuring the best video production practices for each stage

Understand the Different Stages of your Sales Funnel

Understand the Different Stages of your Sales Funnel

To increase company sales, it is crucial to recognize not only the different messages each video needs to communicate, but also the most effective type of video to carry out this task. 


Audience Status: Have a need or a problem but still unaware of the exact solution required 
Objective: Create visibility, reach new audiences 
Best Videos:  Brand story & educational videos


Audience Status: Have superficial idea about the brand and its offering
Objective: Generate interest in the brand's service or product 
Best Videos:  Product/service overview & expert advice


Audience Status: Looking for answers to their unique needs
 Objective: Elevate the interest level to a point of "liking" or "wanting" the brand offering
Best Videos:  Video fostering an emotional bond with the brand & narrow focus with specific problem solution


Audience Status: Considering whether to make the purchase
Objective: Communicate credibility, expertise & encourage action
Best Videos: Promotional with a direct call to action & customer testimonials

Our measures for a successful sales funnel video marketing

We look at your overall objectives, research your audience and consider the context they’ll be viewing your videos  in. So every video we produce is backed up with solid reasoning and geared towards getting the right results. That’y why, before we get the cameras out,  our team will come up with the most effective Video Campaign Strategy

Then we track your conversions rates. For instance, how many sign-ups and click-through do you have.
Does your video campaign successfully grab new audiences’ attention? Moreover, does it build their trust to leave their contact information, leading them to new stages of the funnel

And finally, we continuously tweak and adjust your sales funnel video marketing strategy as your business evolves.



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