NCM – Join our scientific endeavor

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Cinematic Corporate Video

NCM – Join our scientific endeavor

Cinematic Corporate Video production for UAE government weather bureau, to promote the UAEREP scientific grant.

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Corporate Video for National Center Of Meteorology

About the UAEREP.

The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science is an international research initiative designed to advance the science and technology of rain enhancement by offering managed grant assistance to selected teams of researchers.

Video Production challenges in UAE’s Summer.

The cinematic corporate video starts with a view of clouds and landscapes while the narrator emphasizes how we can change the impossible into possible, little that we knew that the Doleep Studios production team is faced with a near-impossible task!

We were tasked to film most of the timelapse for this video during the summer.. fun fact UAE mostly has dry weather with temperature peaks around 50c in the summer which is the rainy season here if you can describe it so.

About NCM.

The video was created for the UAE government weather bureau NCM as they wanted the production team to create cinematic shots of clouds, rain, and landscape, the unseen parts of the UAE and Dubai, away from the glitzy skyscrapers line, near the mountains in al-Ain to the west of the UAE, which is coincidentally is where most of the cloud seeding operations take place in UAE.
The UAEREP purpose is to create more research in the field of cloud seeding and the video is to create buzz around the award in the scientific community around the world.

Creating entertaining Yet A Powerful Cinematic Corporate Video.

The amazing shots in the video are perfectly connected with narrations to create this effect, showing UAE from a different aspect that is full of beauty and drama, that you don’t expect to find in desert or mountainous areas.

using cinematic video creation methods to increase awareness for the cloud seeding project and UAEREP scientific grant. The authority wants people to know about the importance of the cloud seeding as it will help increase the ratio of rainfall in the country. As well as it will help increase the production of crops and improve overall weather.

“Filming Clouds And Rainfall In The UAE Is NOT EASY!”

Doleep Studios team experts have assured that all the aspects of the project are included in the video. They have focused mainly on the cinematic view of clouds, landscapes, and rainfall because it is the main highlight of the project.

Making A Science Video Accessible To The General Audience. 

They have emphasized the fact that the country is ready to partner with talented scientists from around the world who can help make this project successful. There are shots of some of the most famous scientists showing how the UAE government respects and appreciates these scientists. The narrator tells how the government will welcome new scientists. It also shows scientists working in labs.

About Cloud Seeding

There are no cinematic shots of cloud seeding but the narrator explains the process slightly and how it will help the lands of UAE.

Why UAE government weather bureau select Doleep Studio
Doleep Studio is a professional video production company that provides quality services like cinematic corporate video, film production, video production, and other award-winning services. 

Doleep Studios Video Production Success Receipt! 

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Special Thanks To NCM TEAM

The UAE government weather bureau selected Doleep because of their vast experience in the field. They are aware that Doleep Studios will not only generate results but also provide extraordinary work that can be utilized for generations to come.
 The cinematic corporate video is a clear example of how professionally they have utilized the shots of clouds, rain, and landscape to demonstrate the idea that the company wants to convey without saying the words.

It is the power of video making that Doleep Studios Work has which is hard to find in the present age. Doleep Studio would like to thank the UAE government weather bureau for providing them the opportunity to work for the authorities and create their mark. The support given by the authorities is the reason Doleep can succeed.

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