Doleep Studios voted the best video and film production company
by business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

About Doleep Studios

Doleep Studios is a leading offering award-winning, all-inclusive and pioneering video production, film production, and corporate video production services. 

Rated the best video and film production company in the UAE by in 2019.

Founded in 2007 by New York Film Academy filmmaking alumni. Participating in 12 international blockbusters, such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Why Doleep Studios rated the best video and film production company
in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

1. Generated over 100 million AED in sales for our customers in 2018.
2. UAE’s most followed and liked video production company.
3. In-house full video production services.
4. Video sales funnel marketing products that are growing sales for 60 businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
5. Established in 2007, celebrating 12 years of success in the UAE.
6. Video content & marketing strategy experts, Check our success stories section.
7. Won 5 International film awards including the special jury Award in Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

“There’s always room for a film that can transport people to another place.”

New York Film Academy heritage, allowed Doleep Studios to build a team that ensures a cinematic style for a reasonable budget. Within a span of 12 years, we are proud to have served customers from UAE, GCC, Japan, Germany and from many other places around the world.

Mill World Headquarter the parent company of doleep studios the leading video production company

Our video and film production philosophy

Helping our clients succeed more through video by captivating audiences, inspiring action & driving results.

New York Film Academy doleep studios video production special heritage the leading video production company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Doleep Studios Heritage

Veteran producer Jerry Sherlock, who produced classics such as "The Hunt for the Red October", founded The New York Film Academy in 1992. Friends who wanted to send their children to film school, but found the prices too costly, encouraged Sherlock to design a school. One that was not only affordable but most noteworthy, followed the principle of learning by doing.

Doleep Studios was rated by Business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to be one of the best video and film production company in the UAE

Doleep Studios is a proud recipient of Clutch’s Top video and film production company Award for B2B firms in the United Arab Emirates. As a Dubai-based creative marketing agency specializing in video production and social media, we can help improve your business! On Clutch, we have a 5-star rating that exemplifies our proven results.

Trusted By The World’s Top Brands

“Filmmaking creates a community. Therefore it enables us to see through the eyes of other people, and above all, it makes us open to the claims of others. ”

Our services

Corporate Video Production

Create a corporate video to promote your brand to potential clients, and communicate your business leader's messages and customer testimonials in an interview video.

Video Production Services

Produce video content for television, events, social media, corporate promotions, commercial, or other media-related fields. We cover the entire process of video making.

Promotional & Commercials Videos

Combining Marketing And Filmmaking Expertise, Doleep Studios produces compelling promotional videos that captivate audiences, inspire action and more importantly, drive results for businesses and brands.

Animation Videos

Bring Your Messages To Life With Animation Videos UAE's #1 Animation Agency. Doleep Studios specialize in 3D / 2D graphics, character, typographic & hand-drawn animation.

Digital Advertising

Doleep Studios is an advertising partner for Google ads and Facebook ads, reaching 70% of the web, including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram reaching the right audience and achieves your marketing objectives.

More Services

Enjoy a full suite of content creation and marketing services, our advanced solutions that mixed high-end video production with cutting-edge digital advertising will help achieve more with video.​

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