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    Video Distribution Process

    1- Define Success

    1- Define Success

    Defining your video objectives will provide our team a clear direction and criteria to measure the success of our project.

    2- Audience & Market Research

    2- Audience & Market Research

    Combining your existing marketing data with our own insights is essential to understand your audience & market needs and wants.

    3- Develop Idea & Story

    3- Develop Idea & Story

    Using a blend of creativity and insight, we develop a creative concept & script for your video incorporating your message and story. We also help you visualize the finished piece through a storyboard.

    4- Film, Animate & Edit

    4- Film, Animate & Edit

    The production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your video brought to life.

    5- Measure Success

    5- Measure Success

    With unlimited video revisions, your perfect video is ready, we will report on its success based on your original objectives.

    Rated #1 video production agency in the UAE

    130 Verified Reviews​
    Martina Boor
    Martina Boor
    Al Shira'aa Stables
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    Excellent service, we had a last-minute project that Doleep studios worked on for us and delivered a quality product on short notice!

    Al Shira'aa Stables
    Tarek Barada
    Tarek Barada
    Reed Exhibitions
    Read More
    A pleasure working with them! excellent account management and a very unique style of video production! Highly recommend

    Reed Exhibitions - The International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience
    Shafa Construction
    Shafa Construction
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    We highly recommend Doleep Studios for your creative needs. Doleep team created a wonderful company profile video for Shafa. The team was very professional and dedicated to bringing the story of Shafa to the screen. Doleep provided sincere attention to detail and ensured the creative vision was fulfilled.

    Shafa Construction
    Samer Moussa
    Samer Moussa
    CEO, Brands & Beyond
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    “On behalf of Brands and beyond team, I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for your outstanding service, we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides.”

    Brands & Beyond
     Maria Andimon
    Maria Andimon
    Marketing Manager
    Read More
    Thank you for our new Creative Corporate Video, the process was quick and straightforward, we not only happy with the video and the video production, Doleep team offered us new ways to use our video online, we have reached many of our customers with our new video through social media and google

    Medicare Natural Practice
    Nadeen Fadi
    Nadeen Fadi
    Marketing PepsiCo, Inc GCC
    Read More
    Doleep Studios is one of the best companies in UAE for film making and content marketing!

    PepsiCo, Inc
    Anna Hamilton
    Anna Hamilton@ahamilton1
    Read More
    One of the best content creators/media production companies in the Middle East , amazing team!

    Hamilton Consulting UAE
    Body Design
    Body Design
    Click to watch the review
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    (Video Review)

    The value of what you get! exceed what you have paid for by a long way, Rare to find in UAE!

    Body Design Fitness Club

    Smart video distribution puts your content in front of the people who matter

    Or worse, the wrong people see it. Imagine your new branded web series on skincare ends up on a sports news website. At best you’ll get a lukewarm response, at worst you’ll alienate and annoy people.

    Smart distribution makes your video feels like an appropriate extension of the content your viewers are already interested in.

    Ultimately, you want to reach your target audience in the places they enjoy spending time, without interrupting their user experience. That’s why, video distribution is vital.

    Through our audience research, we know which sites, blogs, brands and social media platforms they engage with. It allows us to come up with a  distribution plan that capture the largest and most targeted audience possible.

    Imagine working so hard on creating the perfect piece of video content only to find that it barely has any views, let alone generate leads or drive sales

    Why you need a video distribution strategy

    Without good reach, your ROI will suffer too. That’s why we take the time to understand your audience, to know which websites they visit, which blogs they follow and which social media networks they prefer. We break it down even further, taking an in-depth look at how different persona types within your audience interact and make decisions, as well as their communication preferences. We use this understanding to create a targeted approach for each persona, looking at how they’ll come into contact with your content at various stages in the customer journey and how we’ll move them through the marketing funnel. Here are our three basic rules for video distribution

    Use your website

    Having video content on your website is a great way to drive traffic. It’s the first thing prospects see on your website and with the video ending with a Call To Action you can get them to act.

    Make the most of your existing channels

    Giving your videos maximum reach on your existing channels. That includes your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and email list. Placing content in places where you have established relationships help you gain maximum exposure for minimum spend. We think about:

    • Social media followers: The first to get on board, increasing traffic towards your video.
    • Industry forums and editorially managed sites: if you contribute to forums, now is an excellent time to submit an article your users will find relevant and useful. With a link to your video, of course.
    • Email: a personal way to get in touch with contacts, customers and anyone who’s expressed an interest in your organization.
    • Online advertising: using search engine marketing and ads to target customers.

    Target influencers to access a wider audience

    Influencers can give you access to a larger, highly relevant audience that otherwise wouldn’t come across your brand, through content seeding. Think bloggers, forum managers, industry experts, and even celebrities. 

    Want to make sure your content is seen by as many people as possible?

    credentials & Recognitions

    UAE's Most Liked and Followed Media Company

    5 International Film Awards

    5 International Film Awards

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    Video Services

    Video Production Services​

    Produce Beautifully Made Videos Crafted For UAE's Market To Get Results.

    Corporate videos​

    Create interesting and engaging videos that help you achieve your marketing goals.

    Promotional videos​

    Create interesting and engaging videos that help you achieve your marketing goals.


    Animation & motion graphics that communicate your messages effortlessly.

    TV Commercials​

    Create commercials for TV stations across the GCC.

    Explainer Videos​

    Create interesting and engaging videos that help you achieve your marketing goals.

    Internal Communication Videos​

    Keeping Your People Informed, Aligned And Motivated With Award-Winning Internal Communication Videos

    YouTube Marketing & Advertising​

    Get Consistent Monthly High-Quality Videos, With YouTube Advertising.

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