DED Dubai Business Community Engagement

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DED Dubai Business Community Engagement

DED Dubai Business Community Engagement Corporate Video

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Corporate Video for Department of Economic Development

an initiative by DED to boost dubai's economic development.

The Department of Economic Development (DED), Government of Dubai, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Airports; President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority; Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group, has launched a new initiative – the Business Community Engagement (BCE) to deepen and strengthen DED’s relationship with the business community.

The initiative follows a detailed study involving comprehensive surveys of business groups and business councils in Dubai, an analysis of the current landscape; gaps and opportunities of DED-Private Sector relationships.

The primary goal is to add and create new value in Dubai’s economy by bringing the public and private sectors closer to work together in co-investing and co-developing the Dubai economy in a sustainable way. The initiative reflects the growing realisation that the government, private sector, or any single stakeholder in the economic ecosystem cannot act in isolation when new and unstoppable megatrends continue to impact global economies and societies today. 

In this interview video created by Doleep Studios, Mohammed Shael, CEO, Business Development and Strategy Sector, DED  recognizes the need of this initiative to strengthen the private sector participation in the government framework. 

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