Baby at Home

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Baby at Home

The video production team took care of the work from idea and script development to casting, location and the full video production. This healthcare promotional video was created in 2 working days. Our video production team is quite experienced with this type of work, with the biggest challenge proving to be the effective presentation in just 1 minute of the long service list that Manzil specialists provide the mothers. All in all the promotional video turned out pretty well driving many conversions on the web page and was also optimized for social media.

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Video Production in Dubai about at home pre and post-natal medical care service for mothers and babies. Promotional video for Website service page, made for Manzil Healthcare Services

About Baby at Home Promotional Video.

Baby at Home is a Video Production made for Manzil Healthcare Services.
Manzil is a GCC based, at home Medical Care provider striving to transform home health through a wide range of customized, high-quality, technology-enabled multidisciplinary care and healthcare services for their patients in the comfort of their homes.

To introduce the new service of providing professional help to mothers with their newborn babies we wanted to make a promotional video that is both informative and educational to use it on the website’s service page.

Healthcare marketing is one of our specialties having worked on multiple projects for Hospitals, Medical Labs and Pharma companies in the UAE our team was excited and ready for the new challenge.

Demonstrating the numerous long-term benefits of having a knowledgeable hand available to help with your new baby is not easy. You need to capture the natural confusion of the mothers who can be overwhelmed by the new task at hand and compliment this with the experience and medical professionalism of the trained staff that provides the best environment for the new precious member of the family.

Mother and baby productions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are usually glamorous, overly romanticized, and expensive, a direction our video strategy team wanted to avoid to capture the authentic experiences real mothers go through post-delivery.

Why Manzil Healthcare Services Chose Doleep Studios for Baby at Home Video Production?

Doleep Studios is a Video production company offering film production, corporate video production, promotional videos to name a few, it is rated by businesses as the best video production company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We were chosen to create the Baby at Home healthcare promotional video because of our vast experience in video production in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, usually this kind of projects require extensive knowledge of Medical Care Marketing, Video Production, and Promotional Video.

Our video production team’s technical knowledge was utilized working closely with producers and writers, embellishing, refining and ultimately realizing original ideas into finished films. They made careful preparations in order to ensure the success of each shooting day. 

We carefully prepared a calculated shooting schedule with the production team, which achieved the required footage within budget and on time.

Special Thanks

Doleep Studios would like to thank Brands and Beyond, and Manzil Healthcare Services team. Your support and efforts for the Baby at Home Video Production certainly contributed to the project’s success.

More About Manzil Healthcare Services

For more information about Manzil Healthcare Services visit Manzil Healthcare Services web site

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