EMS Training Timeline of Body Improvement

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EMS Training Timeline of Body Improvement

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Promotional Video for Body Design EMS​

Timeline of EMS Body Improvements with Body Time EMS Training

Fitness promotional video created by Doleep Studios to highlight the significant EMS body improvements and health benefits of EMS training provided by qualified trainers at Body Design. 

Body Design EMS Fitness training session takes only 20 minutes and activates almost 92% of overall body muscles which equals to 4-6 hours of conventional training. Thus, you only need 20 minutes a week to tone up, reshape, lose weight, tighten your skin and get rid of cellulite so you can enjoy the time with your family and friends on the activities you like.

Statistic shows that 89% felt significantly tauter, more stable and solid. Women lost an average of 1.5 centimeters in the waist and hips. After six weeks of stimulating their muscles with Body design EMS the endurance performance of the participants actually increased by 84%

Back Pain is still a big problem in these days, NOW with Body Design EMS you can help reduce the pains. In a study more than 80% of participants complained about constant back pain due to working conditions and lack of exercises. The figure dropped by 60% after just 2 sessions of EMS training. Biggest improvements were seen after 6 EMS sessions in people lifting heavy loads, physical work housework and driving for long hours. 

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