EMS Training vs Traditional Training

Explainer Video

Explainer Video for XFIT EMS​

Fitness Animation Video

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ems training Comparison with Traditional Gym Training

Doleep Studio’s Animation Studio in Dubai created a fast and fun Social Media Video Comparing the Ems with Gym Training in General, focusing on the side effects of the traditional training and the positive aspects of EMS.

The video takes the Social media Audience in a quick EMS review, and why the EMS Training & Fitness World is the Best EMS training in Dubai & Sharjah and UAE Overall, with the most affordable prices in Dubai in particular if you buy online.

The Animation Video discusses the EMS benefits, like saving time, muscle activation, and relieving back pain.

EMS results is the conclusion of the video where we show the 2D character animation interacting with the training and achieving amazing fitness results.

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