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Mawaqif TV Commercial – Payment Methods


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TV commercial for Integrated Transport Center Abu Dhabi

Mawaqif TV Commercial – Payment Methods

Mawaqif TV Commercial – Payment Methods

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TV commercial for Integrated Transport Center Abu Dhabi

Mawaqif Parking Payment Options by The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport

Previously, finding a parking spot was an arduous task for those arriving in Abu Dhabi from other emirates. While locals and visitors must be careful about adhering to the Abu Dhabi parking rules, it is now easier to pay for designated paid parking spots in the capital. These parking rules include registering your car and choosing the right parking duration to name a few. Not adhering to the rules can lead to hefty Abu Dhabi traffic fines.

Most parking spaces in the capital were assigned to vehicles with an Abu Dhabi registration with strictly controlled timings.

Thankfully, the new revamped Abu Dhabi Mawaqif parking system has made parking in the capital simple for cars registered in other cities. 


Mawaqif is a public parking system implemented by the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi. All public parking zones in the emirate are paid zones. Mawaqif has a diverse range of parking options. Users can apply for a parking permit that suits their needs. To make parking payments when required, the service provides motorists with the option to purchase Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards. Parking fees are automatically deducted from your Mawaqif account (stored value account), which you must first register for. You can also pay for parking through SMS.

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