Problems EMS Training can Solve!


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Problems EMS Training can Solve!

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Animation Video for Get Fit EMS​

EMS Health Benefits with Get Fit Fitness Revolution

Fitness Promotional Video for Get Fit Fitness Studio shedding light on the innumerable EMS Health Benefits by joining the Get Fit Fitness Revolution. EMS training is helping people achieve noticeable results in weeks rather than months and what can take years with conventional training is now attainable in months! This is because throughout the duration of an EMS workout over 92% of your skeletal muscle is activated. 

Finding the time to work out several times per week is challenging for many people. But with EMS training, 20 minutes a week is all it takes. 

Through a series of exercises integrated with EMS, participants have significantly improved their level of energy and improve physical endurance. 

EMS is very beneficial for weight loss since it helps your body enter into a calorie deficit. Whilst the EMS stimulation by itself isn’t necessarily going to promote weight loss when paired with diet, personal training from EMS specialist trainers and specific activation of the muscles, you will notice weight loss.

If you’re experiencing back pain on a regular basis, EMS can benefit you in a big way. Anyone trying to get back in shape who has concerns about joint issues – this is because during an EMS workout we have the ability to increase the load on muscles without increasing the load on joints (impossible with other forms of exercise)

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