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It’s Our Turn Now

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UAE’s Ministry Of Climate Change and Environment Video Production

UAE's vision towards Environment conservation

Doleep Studios produced this film highlighting the significant role of the environment in the lives of the UAE ancestors in terms of economic, social and environmental aspects.

Great words by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father and the principal driving force behind the formation of the United Arab Emirates – “On land and in the sea, our fore-fathers lived and survived in this environment. They were able to do so because they recognized the need to conserve it, to take from it only what they needed to live, and to preserve it for succeeding generations.”

Environmental protection is considered the main objective of the UAE’s developmental policies aimed at increasing green areas, developing water resources, improving the marine environment and protecting it from pollution, preserving fisheries and livestock, and developing strategies to protect biodiversity.

 Acknowledging the responsibility that governments must assume in conserving the natural world, he also called upon individuals to play their role in ensuring sustainable development.

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