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Film Production for National Center Of Meteorology

The uAE goes on to improve water security solutions on a global scale.

This Governmental Corporate Video was created by Doleep Studios for the National Centre of Meteorology(NCM) with a view to highlight the UAE’s magnanimous achievements  in the field of sustainable development by improving global water security solutions.

Since ancient times, the ancestors of UAE have known how to preserve their limited resources, despite the dry and harsh nature of the desert. However, with changing patterns of living and urban, agricultural and industrial growth, the importance of water has increased and it became the core of life and development. This has increased the pressure on the scarce water resources.”

“The UAE Government has recognized the importance of addressing these challenges to achieve overall sustainable development. The Government has placed environmental protection as a priority and has included it in its vision, in order to ensure a better life for future generations. 

This vision took the brave people of the UAE to the skies, seeding clouds and enhancing rain flow through an initiative that might support the country’s water security.

This righteous vision that summarizes the country’s history and its people’s dream to prosper, develop and grow to unprecedent levels has led to the creation of the National Center of Meteorology(NCM) in order to empower the national capabilities and develop all that is related to the fields of meteorology and seismology. 

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