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What you can do in Just 20 minutes


Fitness Animation Video

What you can do in Just 20 minutes

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Animation Video for Body Time EMS​

Reach your Fitness Goals With Body Time in just 20 minutes

Fitness Animation Video by Doleep Studios for Body Time featuring effective results in a matter of weeks and the best part? The sessions are only 20 minutes.

Full-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and mass whilst simultaneously reducing body-fat.

A training session lasts just 20 minutes and is always conducted with a qualified trainer who monitors the training and its success. Once a week is sufficient for reliably achieving individual goals, with its effectiveness proven in numerous scientific studies.

EMS Fitness uses Electro muscle stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone. Depending on intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive. Your muscles simply become more efficient. 

Usually transmitted via a wearable device such as a belt, the EMS device sends tiny electrical pulses to the muscles to target all four muscle groups for an effective workout.

Regular exercise only stimulates your fast twitch muscles, meaning you’re never getting as much from your workouts as you’d like. EMS devices allow you to achieve accelerated results even under a light load, as they work both your slow and fast-twitch muscles.

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