Winning in the Video Marketing Jungle

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Animation Video Production in Dubai about Doleep Studios is paving the path for companies to navigate through the Video Marketing jungle. made for the Explainer Video – Doleep Studios

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This promotional video was created to promote Doleep Studios video production services. Doleep Studios video strategy team was very excited about this video. We wanted to create a story that is fun and easy to understand by anyone, not only business professionals and marketers. With that goal in mind, Doleep Studios team set out to write a fun script highlighting of Doleep Studios services and achievements. This video animation was drawn mostly by hand, using several 2d graphics animation in some parts of the video. All in all, it took a week of hard work from our animation team to get all the details right. Then we moved to finish the project with great voice acting and music. Watch the video and let us know your opinion.
Winning in the Video Marketing Jungle Animation Video Production for Explainer Video

About Winning in the Video Marketing Jungle Explainer Video.

Winning in the Video Marketing Jungle is an Animation Video Production made for Doleep Studios.
Doleep Studios is paving the path for companies to navigate through the Video Marketing jungle.
For over a decade we help build successful brands, achieve organizations’ sales targets and become a driving force behind the brands to push their limits. Using professional video production, Doleep Studios has developed video products focused on quantitative tangible & measurable results that are reader friendly.

Producing more than two hundred videos a year, we pick the most effective narration structure and visual style to tell a relevant story about your company… in short great ideas that are beautifully executed, captivating videos, that inform, inspire and evoke action, smoothing your path to success.

A fusion of Advertising & Video Production process, proven to deliver impactful content and generate millions in marketing & sales returns.

About Doleep Studios
1. Generated over 100 million AED in sales for our customers in 2018.
2. UAE’s most followed and liked video production company.
3. In-house full video production services.
4. Video sales funnel marketing products that are growing sales for 60 businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
5. Established in 2007, celebrating 12 years of success in the UAE.
6. Video content & marketing strategy experts.
7. Won 5 International film awards including the special jury Award in Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

More Information

For more information about Doleep Studios visit Doleep Studios web site

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