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Back Pain Relief Animation


Fitness Animation Video

Back Pain Relief Animation

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Explainer Video for Body Time EMS

Body Time EMS offers effective results for back pain relief

Fitness Animation Video for Body Time that uses a smart workout system of EMS to provide excellent back pain releif without putting any strain on your joints. 

Body Time meets individual goals, because people‘s physical fitness is improved differently. Training periods are shortened, and success is maximized: fat and weight are reduced, and on the other hand, your joints are protected while you build up muscles, your strength and endurance are enhanced, your shape and problem zones become firmer and your general well-being is improved.

EMS has the added benefit of maintaining and building all round strength and fitness at the same time as treating your back injury. Body Time EMS work with clients who have all manner of back problems including: niggly back pain, long term back pain, back stiffness, bad posture, improved recovery from back operations, scoliosis and helping to recover from slipped or herniated discs.

EMS treatment can bring noticeable results almost immediately and also enables you to boost your all round strength and fitness levels.

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