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Christmas Sales from Body Time


Fitness Animation Video

Christmas Sales from Body Time

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Animation Video for Body Time EMS​

Body Time Gives away gift of fitness this holiday season.

Fitness Animation Video for Body Time announcing the exciting Christmas Sale offer to get you the exercise you need to stay healthy this holiday season. Share the Gift Card with your loved ones and claim 70% off to enjoy the fitness training sessions by Body Time towards a fit life. 

December is a great time to send fitness-themed gifts to friends and family. It’s the final month of indulgences and going into the new year, it’s time for resolutions! One of the best resolutions for the year is to pay more attention to one’s health, weight and well-being.

Good health is priceless. Perhaps there is no magic bullet to health and fitness, but exercise is certainly as close as you can get to one. When you give the gift of gym membership you are investing in the health and well-being of your loved one. Sweaters are cozy, but they don’t have nearly the benefits of regular exercise. 

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