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Foodate Always with You


Online Food Animation Video

Foodate Always with You

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Animation Video for Foodate.Com​

your one stop destination for all your online food ordering needs

Foodate is an online food ordering platform for the UAE with access to a variety of restaurants and cuisines as well as delivery option. Hosting a wide variety of cuisines from the most renowned and recognized international, as well as local restaurants, Fodate  makes customer convenience their top priority.

No matter what cuisine or restaurant you are craving, find it on Foodate in United Arab Emirates. Simply Crave it, Click it, Eat it.

Doleep Studios team created this animation video with every aspect of detailing giving an overview of just how effortlessly life can get with a click of a button and of course for the love of food. 

Online ordering has enabled many restaurants to manage their peak business hours very effectively. Thanks to online ordering many people manage to prevent the painful experience of wasting time in a long queue. With the option to order their meals from a mobile app, they can easily place an order when they are stuck in traffic or on the way to pick up the kids.

Mobile apps provide the freedom to order from any place at any time without pausing everything and making a call to the restaurant. The food experience has come a long way it has become a much more hassle-free experience for the customers. And if you can vouch for such an experience then the customers will definitely come your way.


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