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    Martina Boor
    Martina Boor
    Al Shira'aa Stables
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    Excellent service, we had a last-minute project that Doleep studios worked on for us and delivered a quality product on short notice!

    Al Shira'aa Stables
    Tarek Barada
    Tarek Barada
    Reed Exhibitions
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    A pleasure working with them! excellent account management and a very unique style of video production! Highly recommend

    Reed Exhibitions - The International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience
    Shafa Construction
    Shafa Construction
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    We highly recommend Doleep Studios for your creative needs. Doleep team created a wonderful company profile video for Shafa. The team was very professional and dedicated to bringing the story of Shafa to the screen. Doleep provided sincere attention to detail and ensured the creative vision was fulfilled.

    Shafa Construction
    Samer Moussa
    Samer Moussa
    CEO, Brands & Beyond
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    “On behalf of Brands and beyond team, I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for your outstanding service, we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides.”

    Brands & Beyond
     Maria Andimon
    Maria Andimon
    Marketing Manager
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    Thank you for our new Creative Corporate Video, the process was quick and straightforward, we not only happy with the video and the video production, Doleep team offered us new ways to use our video online, we have reached many of our customers with our new video through social media and google

    Medicare Natural Practice
    Nadeen Fadi
    Nadeen Fadi
    Marketing PepsiCo, Inc GCC
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    Doleep Studios is one of the best companies in UAE for film making and content marketing!

    PepsiCo, Inc
    Anna Hamilton
    Anna Hamilton@ahamilton1
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    One of the best content creators/media production companies in the Middle East , amazing team!

    Hamilton Consulting UAE
    Body Design
    Body Design
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    The value of what you get! exceed what you have paid for by a long way, Rare to find in UAE!

    Body Design Fitness Club

    Explainer video production that shows without limits what brands can do for their customers created with deep understanding of Dubai and Abu Dhabi business culture!

    Why More Businesses In the UAE Use Explainer Videos in Marketing & Sales?

    Before we get into the tremendous ways they can help your business grow, let’s first talk about what are explainer videos?
    They are short animated or live action videos that illustrate complex ideas in an easy, engaging and meaningful way. They explain your company’s product or service in a way that resonates with your viewers’ pain points. As well as representing your product as the best solution to their problems.

    Businesses that use engaging and professionally made explainer videos on their websites and marketing campaigns, generate leads, expand awareness and increase conversion rates. As a result, hugely increasing their sales.

    Learn more about The Best Practices for Video Marketing

    What is EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) | Animation Video Production in Dubai

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    Animation Video Production in Dubai Explaining the EMS Fitness Technology in 2D Animation. Animated Explainer Video Production Made by Doleep Studios for EMS Fitness - Body Time

    67 Minutes The Tine Consumers Spend On Average Watching Branded Video Content Online, Daily.

    Source: Zenith’s Online Video Forecast Report 2018​

    Have a solution to your audience's problem? Show it to them with an epic explainer video!

    Sometimes an easy, quick and exciting explainer video is all your customers need to understand how your product or service can, in fact, solve their problems.

    The key to the success of your explainer video is clever delivery of complex information in an easy manner. 
    Next, your explainer video needs to shape an immersive experience that grabs the viewer attention during the entire video.
    Finally, the video needs to have a clear and simple call to action in order to driver marketing and sales results. 

    Another reason why you need explainer videos is that Google rewards websites where visitors spend more time. So if you have an interesting video on your website, your customers will spend more time watching them as a result. So not only do videos enhance your sales but also effectively grow your business as you rank higher on Google. Hence, expand your reach.

    We create captivating explainer videos that inspire your audiences to take action, ultimately helping you grow your sales.

    What is EMS fitness trial sessions? | Explainer Live Action Video Production in Abu Dhabi

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    Live action explainer video production explaining the process of a customers' 1st EMS training session and its benefits. This video helps gain credibility by showing the EMS training in the actual studio, helps connect with the brand listening to the real trainers.

    Why brands in UAE need Live Action explainer videos?

    There is a great variety of explainer video production types.  And choosing the most effective one for your company mostly depends on what you are looking to explain, your target audience, service/product offering and your brand’s overall marketing strategy. 

    Animation, ScreenCast, Typography and Whiteboard explainer videos are the most popular types among businesses in the UAE.

    Despite the fact that Live Action explainer videos are proven to generate better engagement, many businesses in the UAE still avoid using them wrongly assuming that such videos require long production time and high budget. We have managed to develop a quick and easy explainer video production process that is proven to successfully overcome time and budget constraints. Hence you can stand out in the market with your custom made, Live Action explainer video. After all, a real human doing the explaining helps users forget that they are dealing with a business and feel as if they are asking for an advice from a friend, building more trust and awareness about your company.  

    Doleep Studios creates effective explainer videos that deliver complex messages effortlessly respecting your time and budget.

    2D animation infographic  explainer video production made by Doleep Studios for CRYOSAVE to educate consumers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi about stem cell banking options

    Our tested and proven to work process for an effective explainer video

    Creating an explainer video for your business can be a quick and easy process when working with an experienced video production company.
    We at Doleep Studios, with the help of our team of creative filmmakers create high quality and engaging videos through a very organized process. Our videos stand out for being highly targeted, relevant and tailored to address your audience’s specific needs. Regardless of your niche we have created videos for different industries.

    More than an explainer video production company 
    At Doleep Studios, we believe in forming collaborative partnerships. Therefore, we craft each video around your marketing goals & audience interests.

    Taking the time to understand your business, your goals, and your team
    First, we start by getting to know your brand, your objectives and what you want to explain.
    Then, we work on developing ideas to best convey your unique message.
    Finally, we create a video that speaks to your audience and inspires your viewers

    Our explainer videos effectively deliver complex messages that show your audiences solutions to their problems

    Create informative and actionable explainer videos that drive results.
    Let’s achieve more with video together!

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    Doodly Characters Explainer Video Scene – Different Customers’ Journey Online – Made By Doleep Studios

    Full Service, Idea to Video

    All-Inclusive video service, from concept to your final video and everything in between!

    14 years of success in UAE

    Established in 2007, Rated the best video production company in the UAE by

    Perfect Video guaranteed

    45 days of unlimited video revisions, post-delivery.

    Explainer Videos Process

    1- Define Success

    1- Define Success

    Defining your video objectives will provide our team a clear direction and criteria to measure the success of our project.

    2- Audience & Market Research

    2- Audience & Market Research

    Combining your existing marketing data with our own insights is essential to understand your audience & market needs and wants.

    3- Develop Idea & Story

    3- Develop Idea & Story

    Using a blend of creativity and insight, we develop a creative concept & script for your video incorporating your message and story. We also help you visualize the finished piece through a storyboard.

    4- Film, Animate & Edit

    4- Film, Animate & Edit

    The production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your video brought to life.

    5- Measure Success

    5- Measure Success

    With unlimited video revisions, your perfect video is ready, we will report on its success based on your original objectives.

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